We’re proud to announce our latest strategic partnership with Rick Vasquez Firearms, LLC. Our innovative point-of-sale solutions for FFLs, from pawnshops to gun stores and everything in between, combined with Rick Vasquez's extensive experience and expertise in regulatory compliance, gunsmithing consulting and weapons and firearms training makes for a powerful partnership for Bravo customers!

We all know FFLs face stricter regulations and higher risk for license revocation now more than ever, which only highlights the need for solutions and strategies to help reduce risk and ensure ATF compliance, and all the better if they can increase operational efficiency and ensure growth at the same time!  Bravo and Rick Vasquez are teaming up to provide businesses with FFLs with the best portfolio of solutions to keep them compliant, secure, safe and profitable.

The partnership means that Bravo customers are eligible for exclusive pricing for all services provided by Rick Vasquez Firearms, LLC. The collaboration will help FFLs succeed in today's regulatory, social, and political environments by providing the keys to stay protected, ATF-compliant, and profitable.

Rick Vasquez Firearms offers a variety of remote and on-site services across categories of interest to many Bravo customers including:  

  • Firearms Training: Firearms and machine gun identification, foreign weapons training and A&D book requirements.  
  • Shooting Courses: Basic, advanced and hunting courses for beginners and experts
  • Consulting: ATF compliance, NFA/GCA regulations and import Guidance  
  • Gunsmith & Repairs: Firearm evaluations, custom builds, advanced gunsmith and repair services

The partnership between Bravo Store Systems and Rick Vasquez Firearms, LLC is set to help FFL businesses and the 2A community thrive by providing compliance, security and profitability solutions and we can’t wait to work together with our customers to make the FFL space safer, easier and more compliant!  

Interested in learning more about Rick’s exclusive offers for Bravo customers? Contact Rick at rick@rickvasquezfirearms.com or 540.535.6633.

About the Author

Kathleen Owen | VP of Marketing

Kathleen Owen has spearheaded the development and growth of marketing and sales teams at several B2B SaaS companies spanning different industries throughout her career, including pawn, wealth management, payments, eCommerce and insurance. In her role as Bravo's VP of Marketing, Kathleen loves helping companies scale, improve operational efficiency and drive bottom-line results through strategic implementation and adoption of new technology platforms.

Kathleen attended the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee where she earned a B.A. in Communication, as well as a Masters Degree in Communication and Rhetorical Studies. During her time at UW-Milwaukee, she was a member of the Division I swim team and taught Public Speaking & Argumentation as a teaching assistant.