Important For All FFL Lightspeed POS Customers

Lightspeed recently announced its anti-firearm policy. The policy prohibits the sale of firearms and related accessories on any of its platforms, including Lightspeed Point of Sale and its e-commerce platform, Lightspeed Retail. In addition to the sale of firearms, Lightspeed's policy also prohibits the sale of firearm parts, ammunition, and other related accessories. Lightspeed believes that firearms have no place in e-commerce, and that allowing the sale of firearms online can lead to dangerous and illegal activities.

It's Customer Use Policy states:

"Firearms. Customer must not be a firearms store, or offer for sale illegal firearms or any parts or components that, when used with a legal firearm, would be illegal."

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Bravo's FFL Friendly Point of Sale


Bravo Point of Sale is an all-in-one, cloud-based software platform for gun stores and other specialty retailers with a FFL. Bravo’s FFL solution natively integrates all business operations, including point of sale, E4473, Cloud Storage, A&D book and eCommerce marketplaces. Bravo also provides integrated text messaging, payment processing, mobile apps, a built-in estimator for evaluating secondhand goods, and deep reporting all integrated into the same system.

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Because Bravo Point of Sale is an all-in-one software platform, users can run their entire business through one operating system, instead of using multiple systems from multiple vendors. Its centralized platform provides a single source of truth that empowers your front office teams to deepen their relationships with customers and provide a best-in-class experience, and your back office teams to work efficiently without manual or duplicate entry. Bravo was built in-house on one code base, which means you get a unified experience that’s easier for your team to adopt and use.

Bravo's All In One Platform  

Bravo Point of Sale platform was built by in-house developers from the ground up. This means that users have all the features and functionality in one platform. Customers don't need to switch between multiple systems or perform manual work or duplicate entry; ATF violations are mitigated because human error is less likely and blind spots are eliminated because all customer, store, company and transaction data lives in one centralized system.  

One of the greatest benefits of using Bravo’s all in one Point of Sale is that you don’t need to rely on 3rd party integrations or bolt on solutions, and you’re able to work with one company rather than managing multiple vendors. The result is a unified and consistent user experience where data, reporting, and individual tools are all similar and work in concert with each other. Choosing an all-on-one point of sale for your teams to use will not only unite your work and data, but also create a better end-to-end customer experience.

"This software does it all. Bravo automated my ATF log book, saving me 30 minutes daily."

- Sam R., Owner at Sam's Locker & More

"We don’t just sell firearms. We love them. We won’t carry anything we wouldn’t shoot. I chose Bravo because it integrates my e-commerce, inventory control, and employee “to-do list,” which ensures my shop is being run more efficiently."

-Greg F. Owner at American Pawn & Gun

Support That Scales With You

Bravo is invested in your success from day one. Our incredible Support team is available to all customers– with phone, email and ticket support at no extra charge – and you won’t pay more for it as you grow. You also have access to our Knowledge Base Solution Center, with thousands of how-to videos and guides so you can get questions answered 24/7. Bravo Support maintains a Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) score of 95 or higher and is consistently applauded by customers on 3rd party review sites.

Solution Center Knowledge Base

You’re busy. You don’t always have time to file a support ticket. You’re also extremely smart and can find answers on your own. Search Bravo’s comprehensive Solution Center Knowledge Base to answer any question you might have about our products, features and functionality. Solution Center articles include step by step guides and how-to videos that walk you through how accomplish just about anything you need in Bravo Point of Sale.

"The Bravo Team and especially my account manager was helpful, humble, and happy to talk to me. If we need anything, Bravo takes care of us."

- Russell N., Owner at Boaz Gun and Pawn

“Bravo’s Customer Service is world-class. They are timely, responsive, and they care about what the store owners say. Using Bravo as a single-store operator, it gives us the technological advantage of a 1,000-store corporation. We knew that Bravo was a great partner and they’ve never let us down.”

- Susan & Alex L., Owners at Patriot Gun

Switching from Lightspeed to Bravo Point of Sale

Bravo’s dedicated conversion team is here to help you confidently move your team onto Bravo Point of Sale with minimal disruption to your business. Below is a look at our proven phased approach for switching.  

Learn about Bravo’s Onboarding, Training and Conversion Process for FFLs

What are customers saying?

Bravo is trusted by more than 1,500 businesses globally. Bravo has extremely high customer ratings on several 3rd party review sites. Check out ratings and customer reviews:

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A Community That Has Your Back

Bravo has built a network of industry partners including FFL Consultants, Rick Vasquez firearms training and consulting, Navy Seal C4 foundation and many others. Whether you need compliance consulting, legal advice, ATF audit assistance or firearms training, our partners are ready to provide the assistance you need at discounted rates.  

Bravo Facebook Community

Our community is there when you need them. Whether it’s getting set up or figuring out the best way to use features and functionality for your needs, there are hundreds of Bravo customers and Facebook group moderators available 24/7 to answer questions, provide recommendations and share ideas.

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Kristy Bauer Carney | Head of Product Management

As Head of Product Management at Bravo, Kristy is responsible for leading Bravo's development roadmap. Kristy has over 15 years of experience working across all levels of pawn and FFL. Having worked as a pawnbroker and in sales and product development for multiple pawn software companies, including PawnMaster, she's a pro at understanding industry trends and market outlooks, and how that can impact Bravo customers. She is a product expert who knows what matters to pawnbrokers, and is known to go above and beyond to help develop the best solutions for their needs.

Kristy holds Masters certificates in Internet Marketing from the University of San Francisco and UX Design from the UX Design Institute in NY. She lives in Stoddard, WI with her husband, son, dog and two cats.