Key Updates to ATF Form 4473 That All Gun Dealers Should Know

By Kristy Bauer

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) has released a revised version of Form 4473. The form contains several key changes that FFLs need to be aware of.

The most notable updates relate to statutory requirements from recent legislation, including the NICS Denial Notification Act and the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, as well as ATF’s Final Rule 2021R-05F.

Some of the key changes in the revised Form 4473 include:

  • Moving and rewording Question 21b regarding intentions to resell a firearm illegally. This is now Question 21n. As a result, the numbering of subsequent questions has changed.
  • Removing “or ammunition” from Question 21b (formerly Question 21c) about intentions to dispose of a firearm illegally.
  • Rewording Question 21m regarding citizenship and immigration status. U.S. citizens can now appropriately answer “No” to 21m1.
  • Adding clarifying language and examples to Section C regarding the category of firearms transferred.
  • Modifying the language around NICS background check responses in Section C.
  • Updating the transferor certification statement in Section E to include the 30-day limitation on transfers after a completed NICS check.

The instructions also contain updated language and guidance reflecting these changes. The ATF is encouraging immediate use of the new form, but it will become mandatory on February 1, 2024.

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All FFLs must review the complete set of Form 4473 revisions and update their records and procedures accordingly. Carefully going over the changes now will ensure your business avoids violations or delays when the new form becomes mandatory. Don't wait - compliance is critical for public safety and your license. Ready to take that burden off your plate? Let's talk E4473.

Author | Kristy Bauer

As Head of Product Management at Bravo, Kristy is responsible for leading Bravo's development roadmap. Kristy has over 15 years of experience working across all levels of pawn and FFL. Having worked as a pawnbroker and in sales and product development for multiple pawn software companies, including PawnMaster, she's a pro at understanding industry trends and market outlooks, and how that can impact Bravo customers. She is a product expert who knows what matters to pawnbrokers, and is known to go above and beyond to help develop the best solutions for their needs. Kristy holds Masters certificates in Internet Marketing from the University of San Francisco and UX Design from the UX Design Institute in NY.