Get Your Store Holiday Ready With This 2023 Prep Checklist

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The 2023 holiday season is upon us! For specialty retailers, this is a prime opportunity to attract customers looking for unique, cost-effective options for their gift shopping. With rising prices and economic uncertainty, many consumers will be searching for deals and one-of-a-kind items that specialty stores can provide. Make sure your business is ready to capitalize on this increased holiday foot traffic with the checklist below:

Clear Out Old Inventory

  • Clear out old inventory gathering dust - dig into layaways, buys, loans that have expired and get them on the sales floor or online store. Shopkeeper is a handy tool to make inventory management easier.

Add a New Offering

  • Add a new offering this season like protection plans. They give gift buyers peace of mind and are an easy extra revenue stream.

Refresh Online Listings

  • Spruce up those online listings with fresh product pics! Great photos really improve the digital shopping experience. Check out our tips for online listings here.

Stock Up on Supplies

  • Stock up on shipping supplies like boxes and bubble wrap since over 20% of sales are online. Don't run out mid-season!

Decorate Your Store

  • Give your store windows a holiday makeover with string lights and decorations to get shoppers excited to buy gifts.

Showcase Products

  • Showcase products at their best by clearing display cases and making jewelry sparkle.

Create Gift Guides

  • Help shoppers by creating gift guides that group inventory by price point and category. Arrange your store the same way!

Prep Your Staff

  • Get your team pumped up for the holidays by reviewing customer service tips, policies, and staff incentives.

Set a Festive Mood

  • Bring on the holiday spirit with festive tunes and scents like cinnamon to encourage more buying.

Offer Free Services

  • Offer free gift wrapping and engraving to keep customers hanging around - they may grab another last-minute gift!

This checklist will help ensure you have your most successful holiday sales season ever. Looking to add to your product lineup to really tie the bow on your holiday season? Let's talk!

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