Year after year, Bravo strives to innovate and keep our customers on the cutting edge of industry trends.

One of our favorite parts of the new year is looking back at the previous 12 months and seeing the impact our innovations had on businesses across the country. A major differentiator with Bravo is the ease with which our customers can implement omnicommerce solutions for their customers. From mobile shopping apps to easy, online loan payments, the data doesn’t lie – Bravo's unique solutions are making a huge difference for our customers.  

In EVERY category where we compared customers who use add on products to those who don’t, users outperformed nonusers. For example:

  • Omnicommerce users had 35% more firearm transactions
  • Mobile Messenger users carried a 70% higher loan balance
  • Multi-product users had 27% less cash tied up in inventory

Countless resources tout the importance of omnichannel retail, but it’s hard to imagine the impact on one store. Our 2022 ROI Report shows exactly how our customers benefit from expanding into different retail channels like mobile, ecommerce and text messaging.  

Check out our latest report to see how Bravo can help your business grow.