8 Ways FFLs Supercharge Sales with Text Messaging

By Kathleen Owen, VP of Marketing

Marketing is a chore. We get it, trust me. There are so many different channels that you can use to talk to customers – chances are you’re going to wear yourself thin trying to be good at them all without a heavy marketing team behind you. Plus, consumers have advertisers shouting at them from every direction, every day. They’re bound to tune some of it out, and that’s just wasted money businesses are spending shouting into the void.

But, we know that marketing is still essential. If done right, your marketing dollars can go farther for less. That’s why FFLs need to think about reaching customers where they are.  

Texting – Your Secret Weapon to More Sales

Let’s just lay out a few facts about texting. Text messages yield super high ROIs – because:

  • Texts are almost guaranteed to be opened.
    98% of all text messages are opened, and 90% of them are opened and read in the first 3 seconds of receipt. Compare that to your email inbox.  
  • And they are effective in making people take action.
    1 in 3 recipients respond to SMS offers, and texted coupons are redeemed 10x more than traditional ones.  
  • They’re cost-effective, accessible and versatile.
    Customers don’t need a fancy phone, a special app or program, or an expensive data plan to receive texts. And you can send texts for more than just marketing – such as following up on customer service requests, loan payment reminders, or just a simple, “Hi, how have you been?”
  • Customers prefer text messages.
    A text message feels more personal and private, and most consumers prefer texting over calling. In fact, millennials in particular love that text messages are a convenient reminder for all those sales they don’t want to miss.  
  • They’re convenient for everyone.
    Text messages are short and to the point. No flowery language, SEO knowledge or graphic design needed. Plus, with products like Mobile Messenger, text blasts can be automated or scheduled in advance.  

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8 Text Message Campaigns that Drive Sales

We know that customers, generally, prefer using text messages to receive important information, so don't be shy about sending texts when you want to connect. Here are some ideas for encouraging customers via text to shop online or stop in your store:

  • Boost Sales with Special Offers & Promos  
    Got a promotion coming up? Seasonal sales on the horizon? Get a head start during peak sales events with timely reminders and helpful links to your online marketplace.   
  • Turn Inventory Fast with a Flash Sale  
    Nothing beats a text message to promote a time-sensitive offer. After all, most people have their phones in their pockets all day long.  Simple text messages are a great way to compel your customers to pop in-store or online.
  • Promote Your Buy/Sell & Trade Programs
    Remind your customers to they can sell or trade in their unwanted item for something they do want! Send a text message and invite customers to visit again.
  • Promote New Products & Inventory
    Got a new product line or new shipment of inventory in?  Spread the word quickly and easily using an SMS promotion template. To really grab your customers’ attention, add an image.
  • Increase Memberships
    More members means more recurring revenue and sales. Make it a no-brainer for customers to become a VIP with simple and enticing offers.
  • Re-engage Inactive Customers
    Reengage customers that made a purchase in the past but haven’t engaged in the last 60 or 90 days. Stimulate re-engagement by offering discounts on repeat purchases.
  • Reward Loyal Customers
    Share the love with your regular customers. Reward them with a special surprise, sent straight to their phone for easy access.
  • Make Customers Feel Cared For
    Make every customer feel extra special by sending a timely, personalized text message on their birthday.

It’s easy to start SMS marketing

SMS marketing is the next frontier of the customer experience. It’s such a powerful tool to be able to reach customers wherever they are – so make it count. That’s why Bravo’s Point of Sale platform allows you to customize your customer lists, so you can make every text blast feel more personalized for the shoppers you’re trying to reach (AKA target marketing) and every marketing dollar go farther.  

So what are you waiting for? Get a point of sale that can do all of this and more in as little as 30 days.  

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About the Author

Kathleen Owen | VP of Marketing

Kathleen Owen has spearheaded the development and growth of marketing and sales teams at several B2B SaaS companies spanning different industries throughout her career, including firearms, pawn, wealth management, payments, eCommerce and insurance. In her role as Bravo's VP of Marketing, Kathleen loves helping companies scale, improve operational efficiency and drive bottom-line results through strategic implementation and adoption of new technology platforms.

Kathleen attended the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee where she earned a B.A. in Communication, as well as a Masters Degree in Communication and Rhetorical Studies. During her time at UW-Milwaukee, she was a member of the Division I swim team and taught Public Speaking & Argumentation as a teaching assistant.