6 Customer Retention Strategies for Specialty Stores in 2024

By Kathleen Owen

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Customer loyalty programs may seem like relics of the past, but specialty retailers can still leverage technology to transform new shoppers into repeat buyers. Integrated point of sale systems now allow brick and mortar stores to provide personalized, omnichannel experiences.

This article will discuss 6 tips for retaining customers in the modern retail landscape, including:

  • Collecting contact information at checkout
  • Bridging online and offline purchasing
  • Investing in employee education
  • Sending personalized post-purchase promotions
  • Embracing social media marketing
  • Automating thank you messages

Read on to learn how specialty retailers can strengthen retention and drive repeat sales in 2024.

Collect Customer Contact Information

The first step is getting customers to share their contact details at checkout, whether in-store or online. Mobile apps and POS system integrations simplify email/SMS sign-ups so associates can enroll shoppers directly.

Bridge Online and Offline Purchasing Experiences

Consumers expect omnichannel coherence when shopping at specialty retailers. Inventory syncing and aligned fulfillment options allow stores to present unified purchasing journeys across brick-and-mortar showrooms and eCommerce storefronts.

Invest in Employee Education

Knowledgeable sales staff represent a company’s brand through every customer interaction. Provide consistent onboarding and ongoing training to align online assistance and in-store selling.

Send Personalized Post-Purchase Promotions

Leverage purchase history data to segment audiences and tailor special offers. All retailers can build direct relationships through customized email, text message, and mobile app messaging post-transaction.

Embrace Social Media Marketing

Establishing authentic social media identities allows specialty retailers to drive traffic, spark conversations, and showcase products online. Participate actively on niche platforms and specialty forums to demonstrate thought leadership.

Automate Thank You Messages

Handwritten notes might be unrealistic at scale, but automating gratitude through text messages and push notifications can similarly surprise and delight customers post-purchase.

Specialty retailers now have access to omnichannel infrastructure once only used by chains. By unifying messaging and integrating brick and mortar point of sale with eCommerce, small businesses can build lasting customer loyalty even in 2024's dynamic retail climate. Implementing some of the 6 strategies above is key. Interested in leveraging technology to boost your customer retention? Let's talk.

About the Author

Kathleen Owen has spearheaded the development and growth of marketing and sales teams at several B2B SaaS companies spanning different industries throughout her career, including firearms, pawn, wealth management, payments, eCommerce and insurance. In her role as Bravo's VP of Marketing, Kathleen loves helping companies scale, improve operational efficiency and drive bottom-line results through strategic implementation and adoption of new technology platforms.

Kathleen attended the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee where she earned a B.A. in Communication, as well as a Masters Degree in Communication and Rhetorical Studies. During her time at UW-Milwaukee, she was a member of the Division I swim team and taught Public Speaking & Argumentation as a teaching assistant.