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The ultimate point of sale solution for gun retailers of all sizes. Manage your inventory, sales, compliance, and online presence with one easy to use system. Try Bravo today and see why it’s the best gun retailer point of sale system.

Bravo knows gun retailers better than any other provider in the industry. We are borne out of five generations of specialty retailers who recognized the gross inadequacy of software for gun retailers and did something about it. We provide end-to-end point of sale solutions for gun retailers of all sizes.

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Bravo has more out of the box features than any other software company in the gun retailer industry. Our integrated software solves the headache of using multiple tools and integrates into one easy to use platform.

Easy To Learn

Bravo equips you with tools that make even the newest employee productive in days. Built-in reporting makes it easy to understand how your business is performing and what changes you need to make to improve.

Easy to Use

Bravo’s software is fast, intuitive and easy for your team to use. Automations replace manual administration work so your team can focus on customers and revenue-generating activities.

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Headache Free Compliance

We understand the complexities of compliance. Bravo POS is 100% compliant with ATF regulations so you can rest easy and focus on growing your business.

Boost Sales

Open the door for new revenue streams and boost sales with tools that drive in-store and online traffic like integrated online marketplaces and mobile apps.

Improve Productivity

Employee Task Manager makes it easy to know what needs to be done each day and smart automations reduce costly manual work.

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Sell more. make more

Integrated Ecommerce

What if you could see all of your inventory online quickly with just one click? No need to spend time uploading photos, write descriptions, rate conditions, or set prices - everything is done for you.

And when you sell an item in-store, it’s instantly updated on your point of sale system - no more hassle of managing your inventory manually.

You can reach more customers online and let your local customers shop from anywhere. And the best part is, you can do all this with the same system you use for your in-store transactions. That’s the power of Bravo.

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"This software does it all. Bravo automated my ATF log book, saving me 30 minutes daily."

Sam R.
Sam's Locker

"We don’t just sell firearms. We love them. We won’t carry anything we wouldn’t shoot. I chose Bravo because it integrates my e-commerce, inventory control, and employee “to-do list,” which ensures my shop is being run more efficiently."

Greg F.
Owner at American Gun & Pawn

"E4473 has allowed us to spend more time selling firearms and less time worrying about missing entries on paper forms. Any firearms dealer who wants to keep up with current technology and hedge against ATF audits should consider making the transition. Paper forms are so 20th century."

Toby B.
Owner at Tobey's Shop

“WOW! E4473 is easy, fast, and accurate! A huge time saver for our team and the customers love it! They are using their cellphones to login and complete the form in minutes.”

Mark H.
Owner at Casa

Popular Add Ons For Gun Retailers

See how Bravo's suite of solutions are driving success for gun retailers of all sizes.

bravo's enterprise management product

Faster, safer gun transactions

E4473 + 3310s + A&D Book

Put an end to manual work for you and your customers, all while reducing liability and eliminating inaccuracies. 100% compliant with ATF regulations, your Bravo Point of Sale comes out of box with a fully integrated suite of FFL solutions including E4473, automated 3310 forms, compliant A&D book and eNICS.

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bravo's integrated ecommerce

paperless sales & audits

E4473 Cloud Storage

Eliminate 1000s of storage boxes and unsecured paper documents, when you store all your E4473 forms electronically. Perform traces and audits with ease. Bravo’s Cloud Storage includes an ATF Audit Portal, self audit mode and dozens of training resources for IOI agents and employees.

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