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Gun Inventory Software by Bravo

Built specifically to support firearm and gun retailers, Bravo's all-in-one point of sale includes built-in gun inventory software, making it easy to record, manage, store, view and sell inventory in-store, online, and across all your store locations. Your records are created and stored securely and are 100% ATF compliant. Managing firearm and gun records and inventory just got a whole lot easier.

Physical Inventory with Bravo makes retail inventory easy!

Gun Inventory Management for Businesses of All Sizes

Whether you're a small mom and pop gun store or a multi-store enterprise selling guns on multiple channels, Bravo's gun inventory software will simplify the management of your firearms and help you maintain an up-to-date, compliant gun inventory database.

more productive workdays

Simplified Inventory Management

Managing inventory for firearms is complex, but it doesn't have to be complicated. Bravo's firearm inventory software reduces manual admin work so you can focus on revenue-generating work.

Simple to Use

A centralized system for recording all firearms related information. No more struggling with disorganized paper or multiple files. Everything is available in one, secure place.

Easy Buying & Selling

Managing transactions is hassle-free with our comprehensive firearms inventory software. Easily track purchases, sales, and transfers, both in-store and online, ensuring a smooth process for you and your customers.

Make inventory faster and easier with physical inventory from bravo

Popular Built In Firearm Inventory Features

Automated, Accurate
A&D Records

Easily manage firearm inventory and transactions with Bravo's built in A&D books. All entries are automated and 100% compliant.

Built-In E4473 & Cloud Storage

Keep track of every gun transaction with Bravo's built-in E4473. Put an end to manual work, reduce liability and eliminate errors on 4473s. Get rid of paper forms with Cloud storage for faster traces and audits.

Gun Repairs

Manage gun repair records and gun inventory automatically and in one place for a better employee and customer experience.  

Firearm Transfers

Keep track of guns moving through your stores for third party and private party firearm transfers

Integrated Vendor Catalogs

Integrations with Lipsey's, RSR Group, Zanders and Sports South make it fast and easy to order more and manage firearms and other sporting goods inventory.

In-Store & Online Selling Management

In-store and online selling is managed automatically. Online listings are auto removed if item sells in-store. And if item sells online, your team will be updated so they don't sell in-store.

Tradeshow Mode

Keep track of inventory bought and sold while you're on the road. Change your tax configs & ensure accurate accounting with the click of a button.

Automated Inventory Reconciliation

All inventory numbers are updated real time so you can stop wasting time looking for items that were sold or picked up.

Bulk Inventory Discounting

Set up automations to auto discount  items so you can turn it faster and stop losing money on aging inventory.

Physical Inventory Audits

Prevent inventory shrinkage and identify slow-moving products. Real-time reconciliation allows you to perform audits while your store is open.

Inter-Store Inventory Search

Easily look up and locate items through our employee app. Search in one or multiple locations in seconds.

Bulk Relocation

Easily relocate inventory in bulk directly through our employee app. No need to relocate items individually or manually in the POS.

Bravo makes ATF audits and selling online easy

"My company has been using Bravo Systems for 6 years now. We have been very happy with the software, in every aspect from ATF audits, to transaction tracking, and even our Company Branded website for selling items."

Sam R.
Owner at Sam's Locker
in depth business insights made easy with bravo reporting

"The one thing that seem to resonate the most with operators I talk to is the transparency Bravo provides through ad hoc and other reporting functionality. It's difficult to make quality business decisions when you don't have all the facts. Bravo provides that insight."

Owner at Sterling Holdings and 2 Pawn Guys
register management made easy with Bravo

"With Bravo you can run ANY type report you need. Keeping track of the cash in your tills and safe is so easy. I would need a whole lot of space to talk about every thing Bravo does for me and my company, but the bottom line is that Bravo is the best program on the market."

Kimbal H.
Owner at First Coast Pawn & More
Get business retail insights easily with reporting pro from bravo

"I like the reports. At the end of the month, I can pull up a report which includes my sales and sales tax. It makes it easy to send the papers to the accountant. The same reports help at the end of the year."

Hamid A.
Owner at Columbia Gold Buy & Sell

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