Las Vegas, January 8, 2024 – Bravo Store Systems, the leading point of sale provider for gun stores, pawnshops, and specialty retailers, proudly announces the launch of the industry's first Predictive Pricing Estimator designed to empower small businesses with foresight into the future value of items. This cutting-edge tool is set to transform the way businesses make critical decisions about loans and purchases of secondhand items, ensuring they optimize investments based on expected future values of items.

The Predictive Pricing Estimator is a game-changer for small businesses, offering a unique capability to forecast the future worth of items. By leveraging advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) programs, Bravo's solution provides businesses with invaluable insights, allowing them to make informed decisions about loan amounts and purchase prices today, with a clear understanding of the predicted future value of the item. The Predictive Pricing Estimator is built-in to Bravo Point of Sale, making it easy to access and use real-time data at the time of in-store transactions.  

Mike Wishart, Head of IT at Bravo, expressed his enthusiasm about this groundbreaking release, saying, "Our dedicated team of data scientists and analysts has been working on the development of the Predictive Pricing Estimator for months. By harnessing the power of sophisticated (AI) and implementing robust algorithms, we’ve created a tool that empowers small businesses to make strategic decisions with confidence. This innovation aligns with Bravo's commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that address the evolving needs of our customers."

Key features of Bravo's Predictive Pricing Estimator include:

  • Future Value Projections: The tool provides accurate predictions of an item's future value, enabling businesses to plan and strategize accordingly.
  • Smart Decision-Making: Small businesses can now make informed choices on loans and purchases, avoiding overpayment for products that may depreciate in the future.
  • Optimized Investments: The Predictive Pricing Estimator ensures that businesses get the most value for their investments by aligning current decisions with future market trends.

Bravo invites small businesses to embrace this transformative tool and take control of their financial decisions. With the Predictive Pricing Estimator, the future of business planning is now at your fingertips.

Predictive Pricing is built-in to Bravo Point of Sale and available to any Bravo customer using the Hard Goods Estimator.  



For media inquiries, please contact:

Rachel Mooneyhan

Marketing Manager