LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – March 28, 2023 – Bravo Store Systems, the leading point of sale provider for gun stores, pawnshops, and specialty retailers released its latest product update March 27. The update went live for all customers overnight and is available for use today.  

"Our latest release is packed with new features and functionality to ensure customers are compliant with new ATF regulations, and to help make our customers' workdays easier and businesses even more successful” says Tally Mack, Bravo CEO. “Many of the enhancements in this release will help businesses with Federal Firearm Licensees (FFLs) perform firearm transactions in a safer, faster way. They are just the beginning of several more major releases we have planned for the year.”

The latest release has two primary focuses: updating E4473 to comply with new ATF regulations and improving retail and pawn functionality to make inventory management easier and more flexible. The March 2023 release is the second of many retail and firearm focused enhancements on Bravo’s product development roadmap, the first of which was released in October 2022.

Highlights of Bravo’s March 2023 Product Release:

  • Bravo’s E4473 updated with new ATF December 2022 form 4473
  • Product catalog integrations with major distributors: Lipsey’s, RSR and Sports South
  • Serialized SKUs
  • E4473 Cloud Storage updates to print 3310 forms
  • Digital pawn tickets & redesigned pricing labels
  • Duplicate payment prompt on MobilePawn

“One of Bravo’s core values is to Delight the Customer,” says Kristy Bauer, Head of Product Management at Bravo. “Continued product innovation is one significant way we show our commitment to our customers’ satisfaction. We aren’t in the business of developing ‘shiny new objects.’ We research the market to understand trends and anticipate shifts, gather customer feedback, listen to concerns and ideas, then put our nose to the grindstone to create technology solutions that move the needle for our customers, help them overcome challenges, and seize new opportunities that arise as the market changes.”

Learn more about Bravo’s 3.0.5 March 2023 release by watching Bravo's on-demand release webinar.  

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About Bravo Store Systems  

Bravo Store Systems is the first all-in-one software provider for specialty retailers including pawnshops, gun stores, buy/sell stores and secondhand retailers. Bravo Store Systems' all-in-one software platform natively integrates all business operations, including Point of Sale, eCommerce marketplaces, mobile apps, a built-in estimator for evaluating secondhand goods, text messaging, payment processing, and deep reporting. Bravo also provides E4473, E4473 Cloud Storage and A&D book all integrated into the same system.

Bravo solutions are used by more than 1,500 customers, are fully compliant with state and federal regulations and run with 100% uptime. Bravo eliminates duplicate entry between multiple systems, reduces the risk of human error and violations, automates manual and administrative work and provides near immediate return on investment for customers.  

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