LAS VEGAS, NEVADA — November 9, 2022 — Bravo Store Systems, the fastest growing pawn software provider in Canada announced today that it has completed the successful implementation of Bravo technology in all stores SMART stores across Canada.

“We made the switch to Bravo earlier this year, launching Bravo’s point of sale, mobile and eCommerce solutions in all 74 of our US-based stores, and we’re excited announce that we’ve completed phase two of the migration, successfully implementing Bravo software in all our Canadian stores,” said Bart Boling, CEO of SMART Financial. “Our continued expansion, as well as our commitment to providing incredible employee and customer experiences across North America, demands that we have much more than a point-of-sale vendor – it requires a partnership that fosters sustainable growth, profitability and flexibility so we can grow and change as the pawn market demands. Bravo is that partner for us. The entire team at SMART is thrilled that we’ve expanded our partnership with Bravo and are confident that we’ll have the same success in our Canadian stores that we’ve experienced in our US stores since making the switch.”

As the third largest pawn chain in North America, with 90 store locations and six unique brands, SMART Financial needed a technology partner that could support the uncompromising demands of such a large enterprise operation. It was critical that SMART find a single software partner for all North American stores that would help increase operational efficiencies, reduce manual work, and improve visibility into company-wide performance, while delivering exceptional employee and customer experience. After thorough analysis, SMART determined that Bravo Store Systems was the only company with the sophisticated software solutions and breadth of onboarding and support services they required. SMART Financial uses Bravo software solutions and services in all 90 stores across North America.  

“Completing implementation of SMART’s Canadian stores is a testament to the strength and success of the partnership we began earlier this year,” said Tally Mack, Bravo CEO. “The team at SMART has been incredible to work with and learn from. The decision for both of our teams to embark on the implementation of several Bravo solutions in 90 stores across North America was no small feat. I’m proud to say that the work to complete this enterprise-level project has been executed beautifully by both SMART and Bravo. We feel privileged to be a part of this new chapter in SMART’s success story and can’t wait to see how our work together fuels growth for both our organizations in the Canadian pawn market.”

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About Bravo Store Systems  
Bravo Store Systems is the first all-in-one software provider for specialty retailers including pawnshops, gun stores, buy/sell stores and secondhand retailers. Bravo Store Systems' all-in-one software platform natively integrates all business operations, including Point of Sale, eCommerce marketplaces, mobile apps, a built-in estimator for evaluating secondhand goods, text messaging, payment processing, and deep reporting. Bravo also provides E4473, E4473 Cloud Storage and A&D book all integrated into the same system.

Bravo solutions are used by more than 1,500 customers globally, are fully compliant with state and federal regulations and run with 100% uptime. Bravo eliminates duplicate entry between multiple systems, reduces the risk of human error and violations, automates manual and administrative work and provides near immediate return on investment for customers.  

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About SMART Financial

SMART Financial offers non-recourse, fully collateralized pawn loans and a wide variety of retail merchandise across North America.  

SMART Financial operates stores in Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas, Virginia, and three Canadian provinces. It employs 500 team members across North America.  

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