OnboardAssist improves implementation experience by providing a user-friendly online platform for customers in each stage of implementation.

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA — November 23, 2021 — Bravo Store Systems, the leading provider of point-of-sale platforms, mobile applications, and eCommerce products for the firearm and pawn industries, announced today the launch of a new customer onboarding tool, OnboardAssist, that provides a more intuitive and user-friendly experience during implementation of its products. Now, users will have access to all onboarding materials in one centralized, online channel, making it easier and faster to complete each phase of implementation.

“OnboardAssist is the outgrowth of our focus on the customer and employee experience, and our commitment to innovate in every area of the customer journey, not just on technology,” says Tally Mack, Bravo CEO. “Our Onboarding team is incredible. For years they’ve continued to improve and enhance the process by which we help customers implement their new technology solutions. The release of OnboardAssist is yet one more advancement to a critical process that directly impacts the customer’s experience and ability to see ROI quickly. We’re proud to be the first in our industry to release such a comprehensive and user-friendly Implementation tool.”

Providing a Seamless Onboarding Experience for All

Bravo currently holds a CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Rating) score of 96, well above the industry average of 76. Part of that is due to Bravo’s leadership in developing first-class customer experiences in the industry. Currently, new customers are assigned a dedicated team of Onbooarding Specialists who support them through each step of Implementation, including completing configuration, providing training tutorials and performing conversions. Now, with the new tool, customers can access all materials in a centralized place, allowing users to move at their own pace through each onboarding phase.  

The OnboardAssist includes critical information for customers in each phase of implementation, including:

  • Action items
  • Practice assignments with related guides
  • Bravo Solution Center articles and videos
  • Confirmation of completion form to acknowledge readiness to move to the next step
  • Directory of each member of the Onboarding team with contact information

This enables customers to easily interact with onboarding materials without being overwhelmed. It also makes it easier for customers to know which phase of implementation they are in, what’s expected and what’s coming next.  

“The implementation process is where most customers have concerns when choosing to switch software providers,” said Ryan Cable, Head of Onboarding & Customer Support at Bravo. “Our aim during the Bravo onboarding process is to provide the most transparent, painless and comprehensive experience for our new customers. With OnboardAssist, customers will have all the information they need at their disposal in an easy-to-navigate format, in addition to having their dedicated team of Onboarding Specialists just a phone call away.”