Las Vegas, NV – July 7, 2022 — Bravo Store Systems and FFL Consultants are pleased to announce they have entered into a strategic partnership, combining Bravo's powerful all-in-one software solutions for FFLs with FFL Consultants industry leading regulatory compliance and risk management consulting services.

Stricter regulations for FFLs and higher risk for license revocation are driving unprecedented demand for technology solutions that mitigate risk and ensure ATF compliance, while increasing operational efficiencies to ensure profitable growth. The Bravo-FFL Consultants partnership brings together proven ingenuity in technology development and deployment, and unmatched expertise in regulatory compliance and risk management consultation to help FFLs thrive in the shifting landscape of the firearms industry.  

“The Bravo-FFL Consultants partnership is a powerful combination. FFL Consultants’ understanding of the complex regulatory environment for FFLs, unparalleled experience navigating ATF policy, and deep knowledge of the innerworkings of an FFL business has been a tremendous help as we’ve continued to develop our first-to-market, all-in-one software platform for gun retailers and FFLs,” says Tally Mack, Bravo CEO. “With the guidance from FFL Consultants, we’ve developed a powerful, easy-to-use and compliant software solution that will drive incredible business impact for our customers. We’re proud to align ourselves with the industry’s top experts and look forward to our continued work together.”

“Partnering with Bravo to support new, small and mid-sized FFLs across the country allows us to provide the very best portfolio of solutions to keep our clients compliant, secure, safe and profitable,” says John Bocker Co-founder of FFL Consultants. “FFL Consultants is passionate about helping FFLs succeed in today's regulatory, social and political environments by providing the keys to stay protected, ATF-compliant, and profitable. As the first software provider to offer a fully integrated and compliant platform, it was a natural and exciting step to enter into a partnership with Bravo and align our efforts in supporting FFL businesses and the 2A community.”

Bravo customers are eligible for exclusive FFL Consultants membership packages and pricing. For more information about the Bravo-FFL Consultants membership deals, contact FFL Consultants directly at: or 720.336.0028.


About Bravo Store Systems  

Bravo Store Systems is the first all-in-one software provider for specialty retailers including gun stores, pawn shops, buy/sell stores and secondhand retailers. Bravo Store Systems' all-in-one software platform natively integrates all business operations, including point of sale, E4473, Cloud Storage, A&D book, and eCommerce marketplaces. Bravo also provides integrated text messaging, payment processing, mobile apps, a built-in estimator for evaluating secondhand goods, and deep reporting all integrated into the same system.

Bravo solutions are used by more than 1,500 customers, are fully compliant with ATF regulations and run with 100% uptime. Bravo eliminates duplicate entry between multiple systems, reduces the risk of human error and violations, automates manual and administrative work and provides near immediate return on investment for customers.  

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About FFL Consultants

FFL Consultants partner with firearms industry business owners and executives across America on strategic initiatives focused on improving ATF compliance, operations, security & social marketing. Our team of experienced pros offer solutions and expertise across a broad range of support areas. We also create customized training programs isolated to specific internal regulatory and operational needs.  

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