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Out of box features
All these features are included with your bravo point of sale platform.
24/7 On-Demand Learning
Automatic Updates
Pawn Ticket Coupon
Training Courses
Task Manager
Personalized Onboarding
Remote Access from Anywhere
Live Support
Real-Time Backup
CC Processing Integration with Fortispay
Hard Goods Estimator
Product Catalog
Compliant A&D Book
ID Scanner
Police Export Integration
Custom Reporting
Instant Web Search
Facebook Listing Tool
Unlimited Employee Users
Gift Cards
Signature Pad
Customer Management (CRM)
Miscellaneous Services & Fees
Smart Search
Daily Analytical Reports
Multi-Transaction Processing
Social Marketing Integration
eComm Listing Tool
OFAC-SDN List Check
Fingerprint Scanner
Accounting Export
You Pick Features
pick any 3 of these features to include in your bravo point of sale.
Accounting Integration
Auto Title
Biometric Login
Customer Loyalty
Repairs & Work Orders
Retail & Purchase Orders
Scrap Refining Process
Time Clock
Trades & Exchanges
U-Seal Tri-Fold Notices

Better Results With Bravo Add Ons

In a recent study, Bravo found that customers who used add on products, outperformed their peers who used only the Bravo Point of Sale.

Sell Online
Apps & Communication
Customer Experience
Store Optimization

Buya Marketplace

Bravo’s exclusive online marketplace is similar to eBay and Amazon but with drastically lower fees. Buya is seller friendly and boasts more than 250,000 items across dozens of product categories.


Customers can make loan and layaway payments, initiate loans from home, chat with employees, and shop your online inventory. Available for iOS and Android devices.


E4473 is the first 360° digital solution for firearm transactions. E4473's native integration with Bravo POS puts an end to manual work for you and customers, reduces liability, and eliminates errors on 4473s.

Bravo Reporting Pro

Understand your business better with in-depth reports that include current and historical data, visualized in intuitive formats.

Company Branded Sites

Launch your own professional, secure website in minutes. Customers can browse and buy your inventory at anytime, from anywhere.  


Managers can approve and deny transactions, track & relocate inventory, take pictures of merchandise, and communicate in real-time with other employees and customers from anywhere.


Drive even more customer engagement with your brand by using eReceipts to upsell, cross sell, advertise online, and in-store promotions and offer coupons.

Multi-Store Enterprise

Break down data silos that cost you money and limit your business intelligence by collecting, storing, reporting, and analyzing all company, store, customer, and channel data in one centralized platform.

eBay Integration

Bravo is the only industry platform with the complete API eBay integration, so you can list your inventory and start selling on eBay in a matter of minutes.

Mobile Messenger

Connect with customers with automated, recurring notices, and campaigns.
Easily send email, texts, and push notifications to customers anytime, anywhere.

Review Booster

Bravo Review Booster allows you ask for, collect, and promote your reviews in a matter of seconds on Google, Yelp, Facebook and CitySearch.

Used Guns Marketplace

An integrated online marketplace where firearms dealers can list and sell new and used firearms and accessories in a matter of minutes.

Physical Inventory App

Prevent inventory shrinkage, identify slow-moving products or categories and calculate accurate profits with real time inventory reconciliation.


Offer product protection plans that give your customers peace of mind when purchasing items, while creating a new revenue stream for your business.

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