About Our Customer

Max Pawn is a fourth-generation pawnshop founded with the principles of honesty, good value, and great customer service. Michael is the king of handbags. His pawnshop has a huge selection of Louis Vuitton, Prada, Hermes, Coach, Gucci, and more.

Max Pawn also buys, sells, loans, trades, and consigns fine jewelry, fine Swiss watches and other high-end items. Meet Max Pawn’s store manager, James. He has been in the business for nearly a decade. He is experienced in not only the day-to-day tasks of pawnbrokering, but also training new employees and running reports.

Easily Train New Employees

One of the most amazing things about Bravo’s interface is that employees become proficient on the system within days.

“It’s very easy to use Bravo. Especially when it comes to reports. It’s a very simplified system and updates daily.”

Convenient, Accurate Accounting

Consignment is a line of business that brings in a new type of customer and a different type of product. The other benefit is that you can put inventory on your shelves without fronting the cash. You pay the consignor when the item sells.

For Max Pawn, Bravo’s consignment feature is a huge help and its native integration does the backend accounting and notifications automatically.

“My favorite bravo feature would be the consignment feature. It helps us as far as booking goes, it’s very convenient. As far as accounting goes, it’s not a nightmare. Everything is done in the system. It works out very well for us.”

James is also a fan of the way Bravo helps him communicate with his customers.

“Bravo has helped us keep in touch with our customers through a tightly tracked system. This way, we can reach out to them via text anytime we need get in contact with them and they can reach back to us.”

Words of Wisdom

"If someone were to ask me about becoming a Bravo customer, I’d tell them that they should definitely do it. It’s not only going to increase their profit but improve their client relations."

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